Ulrike Solbrig

Mobile Kultur Byrå , 2008 – now
Kirsten Dufour (artist, Copenhagen), Hilde Methi (curator, Kirkenes) and Ulrike Solbrig (artist, Berlin) have been working together in the art project Mobile Kultur Byrå since 2006. Mobile Kultur Byrå is a flexible small-scale art platform that fosters modest cultural endeavours while at the same time contemplating our own situation as cultural producers.

We take the difficult working conditions of Russian Market traders, who come from Murmansk (Russia) to Kirkenes (Norway) once a month to trade at the town square, as a departure point for interventions and investigations into small scale, cross-border trading realities. We want to highlight this limited trading venture as an essential and valuable cultural activity. Culture begins where...

On a web site we present the schedule for the market as well as links to our publications. http://www.russianmarket.info.

"The unpretentious working methods of the collaborative project of Solbrig/Dufour/Methi perhaps allows conclusions about how it was possible to instill the deferential closeness and solidarity that was present, as the encounters shown between those involved bears witness. But it also contains clues to the persistent, prolonged difficulty that exists, if one wants to produce with a "minimum of art" (Jean-Claude Moineau), a maximum of sociopolitical effect and especially, to assert oneself actively in an art context." Rahel Puffert on MKB in her text What you see, is only a part. (pöpp68 - participation objections anyhow).

Other websites that talk about our project:
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